Rookie Move A Friends to Lovers Baseball Romance【電子書籍】[ KB Winters ]


<p><strong></strong><strong></strong><strong></strong><strong></strong><p><em><strong>WSJ and USA Today Bestselling author KB Winters brings you a romantic comedy about the joys of Baseball!</strong></em><br></p><p>I’m the <strong>hottest pitcher </strong>in the MLB and just got traded to the OKC Warriors. They want to take the team to the championship and I’m the man to do it.<br>It’s Spring, I’m training and I’ve got my eye on the ball.<br><em><strong>And the team’s statistician.</strong></em><br>Grace is in her last year of college and watching her natural beauty has me<em> harder than a baseball bat.</em><br>Not only is Grace a virgin, she’s a lot younger than the women I usually date.<br>But I’m not looking for a soul mate.?<br>I have a locker room fantasy.<br>Well, I did.<br><em><strong>Until Grace made it a reality.</strong></em></p><p><em>Love dirty talking athletes who can melt your panties in thirty seconds or less! You got it!<br>Locker Room is a full length pro baseball romance with a little bit of baseball and a whole lot of HEAT! No cliffhanger and a very happy ending.</em><br><strong><br>★

Previously published as Spring Training.★



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